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Perfect Vision Company

for contracting

Perfect Vision Corporation for Contracting was established on the foundations of credibility, labor’s quality and excellence in order to lead the growth and development and to achieve the National Vision of 2030. The corporation includes a distinguished group of engineers and technical manpower with high implementation capabilities that use the latest technology to deliver projects and entrepreneurship according to their time frame and the required quality.

Muteb Alamri - CEO




Our Core Values

Our Strengths

We are highly price competitive. Our focus is to invest time to understand our customers’ needs. Quality and sustainability are embedded components of our operating mode. We will be looking to create and deliver for you a unique solution and customer experience for your stakeholders and customers.

Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Provide The Best Fully Tested Products And Solutions For Our Customers.

Our Vision

Perfect Vision is our vision so that it became our name. However, Our Vision is a complete overview summarized through creativity, precision and professionalism and to continue developing performance with increasing productivity according to the requirements of customers and the local market in order to contribute to the rise of the construction and contracting sector and its progress in Saudi Arabia.

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Concrete construction and structures of towers, villas, factories, residential and commercial compounds and other governmental and private projects covering all the project’s phases.

Building Apartment complex


We Ready for work

Infrastructure and basic equipment for the construction of large projects.

Full-Service Firm

Our expanded capabilities and team expertise help us provide the best service.


We blend modern techniques and classic knowledge to create truly unique designs.

Customized Approach

We listen to your needs, goals, and vision first to help us build the right solution.

Our work speaks for itself.